Thursday, October 23, 2014

Throwback Thursday!

It's Throwback Thursday on Facebook, so let's give is a go
here as well!

Back in my early, early days of D.O.T.S, which stood for Dozens of Terrific Stamps, I made this fun 5 x 7 Halloween card.  Years ago, consultants could submit artwork and if it was chosen,  it would be featured in a monthly newsletter. It was a big honor to have your artwork published there!  I sent this Halloween card in and it didn't appear in the newsletter, but it DID eventually appear in our 1998/99 Annual Idea Book/Catalog!  I remember the day Monica, from the corporate office, called me to ask if I would do some artwork for that catalog.  Me?  Really?  I said yes and then began to panic!

Monica listed off all the stamp sets they wanted samples for and I set to work over a few weeks time, making dozens of cards and scrapbook pages.  With each sample I created, I wondered if they would be worthy of the next D.O.T.S Idea book.  I practically drove my young daughters crazy asking their advice on accents, etc.  The day finally arrived when I boxed up my samples and off the went from Minnesota to Utah.  Whew!  The pressure was done and I'd see if any of my artwork would appear in the new book at our next convention.  Here is the front of the Idea Book where 33 of my samples where used.  What an privilege that was to see my happy little creations on those pretty catalog pages!

Here's the page where my little Halloween card was shown plus two more of my cards.  Thank you CTMH (D.O.T.S) for all of the opportunities you've given me over the past 19 years!  I still love my job as much now as I did back in those early years!

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