Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tri Fold Shutter Card

The June Stamp of the Month "The Long Way Home"  is a blast to play with!  I really had fun making this Tri Fold Shutter card, however, I am not going to say it was a "quick card".  It took 30, yes 30, cut pieces of paper to create this one card!  We made it at my Stamp Club last week so I prepped 12 of them.  
That's a mere 360 pieces!  
It did turn so cute and worth every minute of prep time!

Thank you to Ellen Jarvis for your inspiration of this card.  

This is how it looks closed.

This is how it looks completely opened.

This is standing up
close up of the sentiment.

Here's a simple score and cut photo.

Folding is from left to right: mountain, valley, mountain, valley.  
Then reverse the 2 center folds just in the large middle section.

  There are many great patterns and videos available for the Tri Fold Shutter card found by doing an online search.  Just take your pick.  They're all good!

June Stamp of the Month - S1606 The Long Way Home

CTMH Exclusive Artisty Cricut Cartridge  (Here We Go - page 32. Cut @ 1.75") 


  1. Replies
    1. Ah, thanks Linda! It was super fun to make...30 pieces of paper and all!

  2. Awesome card...paper and color choice!!!!

    1. Thanks Coelle! The Magical papers make me happy!