Saturday, October 24, 2015

Day #24 - Painted Witch Centerpiece

Back in my life BDCTMH, (Before DOTS/CTMH), I used to paint.  I painted A LOT!  Day and night I painted wood pieces, canvases, basically anything that stood still.  I taught, I traveled to seminars and conventions, I took part in and held my own boutiques.  Then came DOTS/CTMH, and although my painting life took a back burner, I have always felt at home with a paintbrush in my hand.

Today's Halloween Countdown post has me sharing a wood piece cut by my favorite woodworker which I painted...oh....about 22-25 years ago.  I guess that makes this an oldie, but ghoulie!  I've always referred to her as Hazel.  She not only celebrates Halloween, but Thanksgiving as well with her turkey sidekick!

Here's a closeup of Hazel's face glowing with her greenish complexion and perfectly manicured nails.  She's a tall old gal standing about 22".

The back of Hazel is finished making her a centerpiece for all locations!  Love the dangling spider from her coat!

I hope you enjoy this little piece of my painting past.  There will be some current painting projects coming soon for the remainder of my countdown to the 31st!  

See you for #25!

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