Monday, October 26, 2015

Day# 26 Witchy Is Here!

Five more days remaining in my Halloween Countdown!  This month has flown by like a witch in a full moon spooky sky!  I've been waiting until this week to share one of my favorites of favorites in my Halloween decor collection.  
Here she is, Witchy! 

I designed and painted old gal in 1995.  My woodworker hubby cut her out, actually he cut out several of her because she was a very popular class project back 20 years ago.  

Witchy has a nose made from sculpty clay.  I remember giggling as I formed a pie tin filled with noses and baked them in the oven for a dozen or so witches!  

She's a tall drink of potion measuring 21"!  Everyone who painted her in my class loved her.  I hope you do as well!

See you tomorrow for #27!

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